The magnetically guided capsule endoscopy by invandus has been clinically evaluated in numerous patients. A selection of relevant publications can be found here:

Feasibility of stomach exploration with a guided capsule endoscope
pdf endoscopy 2010
Endoscopy paper 2010.pdf (836.86KB)
Blinded nonrandomized comparative study of gastric examination with a magnetically guided capsule endoscope and standard videoendoscope
pdf Clinical Endoscopy 2012
Clinical Endoscopy paper 2012.pdf (1.64MB)
Magnetically Guided Capsule Versus Conventional Gastroscopy for Upper Abdominal Complaints: A Prospective Blinded Study
pdf Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 2015
Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology paper 2015.pdf (1.56MB)

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